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Fossilworks Kit  Classroom Edition. Fossilworks is an exciting kit containing everything you need to reproduce authentic, full size fossil replicas. This award winning, hands-on science kit allows students to create, finish and share fossil replicas of their very own. Each kit comes complete with 6 high quality, reusable rubber molds (ammonite, crinoid, trilobite, cave bear tooth, shark tooth, and dinosaur claw), 2 bags of PerfectCast casting material, educational material on each fossil and a variety of informative exercises. It provides a thrilling manner in which to develop an awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s history.


Fossil Kits  Classroon Editions. Introduce someone to the fascinating and thrilling world of fossil collection. How old is the Earth and how can we tell? What was the Earth like 2 million years ago? Where did the dinosaurs live? These are just a few questions the world of fossils has helped us to answer. Both kits come complete with lesson plans and finished fossils in a set of either 6 small fossils (Fossil Kit I) or 4 large fossils (Fossil Kit II). Students are sure to be facinated by fossils and all they can teach us.

Fossil Kit I

Fossil Kit II

Dino Traces Excavation Edition  Classroon Editions. Dino Traces is a dinosaur excavation simulation that creates all the excitement of an actual dinosaur dig in the friendly and affordable confines of your classroom or home. With three different editions available: Tyrannosaurus rex, Velociraptor and Triceratops, you and your kids are sure to be in for hours of learning and fun. A set of easy to follow lesson plans and exercises, with three levels of difficulty, are provided to ensure a complete and captivating unit on the fascinating world of dinosaurs. Each Dino Traces also includes 6 dino bone plaques, 6 high quality crayons, detailed dinosaur information, and step by step instructions.

Velociraptor Edition
Triceratops Edition
Tyranosaurus Rex Edition

Fossilworks Tyranosaurus Tooth Kit  Make your own 4" Tyrannosaurus rex tooth from a professional two piece mold taken from the original fossil. Included in this kit is every thing you need to cast 3 museum quality T-rex teeth. Illustrated instructions and educational information are included.



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