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Eyewitness Ocean Life  Classroom Edition. Ocean Life takes students on an interactive journey into the fascinating world of underwater creatures - past and present. Students will be able to cast marine fossil replicas, the bodies of three sharks and three shark teeth, and the bodies of three whales and one whale tooth. After casting and finishing, the replicas can be glued to the surface of choice.


Eyewitness Dinoworks  Classroon Edition. DinoWorks is a fascinating, educational and fun-filled kit designed to give students an appreciation and understanding of the science of paleontology. Students will be introduced to the type of evidence found at a typical dinosaur dig. From excavating fossils in the field to displaying them in a museum, students will learn some of the goals and tasks expected of a paleontologist. Students will cast skeletal parts of three different species of dinosaurs. After reading information about these dinosaurs, students will be challenged to identify and reconstruct three entire skeletons. In the end they will have constructed their own Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops and Velociraptor skeletons. Finish, paint and glue are provided to display their creations.


Animal Bites Kit  Classroom Edition. This kit includes a group of teeth and mandible fragments designed to reflect the diversity of diet within the animal kingdom. Included are three samples from each of the major groupings: herbivore, carnivore and omnivore. This kit is ideal for the exploration and teaching of the differences and adaptability that occur in nature. Included are teeth from a hippopotamus, beaver, mountain gorilla, coyote, alligator, African lion, human, grizzly bear and baboon - each an excellent representative of it respective group. A set of classroom tested lesson plans and interactive exercises accompany each tooth kit, enabling teachers or parents to easily carry out an efficient, exciting and thought provoking learning experience.


Human Traces  Classroom Edition. A perfect way to interest kids in human anatomy. Children are challenged to make tracings of the various bone structures of the human skeleton, cut them out and assemble them to make a complete human skeleton. Easy to follow lesson plans and classroom tested exercises are provided to ensure a captivating unit on the world of human anatomy.


Animal Tracks  Classroom Edition. Learn about domestic animals through their footprints. Each kit includes footprint molds of six barnyard animals (turkey, chicken, duck, dog, pig, and goat), along with complete lesson plans for this fun, hands-on project.



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